About Us

We are a Mixed Martial Arts Gym based in Sydney, Australia. With a variety of trainers Specialising in different areas of Fitness & Self Defence. We offer a diverse approach to Training towards meeting your fitness goals and weight loss, aswel as preparing you for whatever the ring, cage, mats and ultimately LIFE, has to offer. Pride Gym is a relatively new gym with a number of members already going above and beyond their Fitness and Weight loss endeavours! We also have a number of fighters who have made their marks on their respective codes (Kickboxing, Boxing & MMA) with opportunities from other gyms constantly offering our fighters to fight in their promotions all across Australia. Our members reap the benefits of training personally with a professional in every session, which is what makes us different from your traditional weightlifting gyms We have an Amazing team of trainers, or as we say ‘Coaches’ who specialise in their chosen fields

Ranging from – Tae Kwon Do
– Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
– Boxing
– Kickboxing
– Wrestling
– MMA (Mixed Martial Arts)

Our members not only get to be trained in the mentioned styles of self defence, but we they are also kept fit and active through our – Strength & Conditioning Classes
– Circuit Classes
– And our new Cage Fitness Class.

At Pride Gym we offer a unique, supportive environment where everyone can achieve their fitness Goals – Whatever they may be. Our members have access to a wide variety of free weights and Cardio machines suited to all levels of fitness. We provide ongoing instruction, support and care for all our members. For those that need some additional assistance or motivation we also offer one on one training and advice with our experienced trainers.