Gym Liverpool

Pride Gym is one of the most well-equipped gyms in Liverpool. We started a few years back with an objective of providing a clean and hygienic place for people who love to stay fit but hate going to gyms that are messy, stinky, and have sweat all around. If want a neat and clean atmosphere to shred those extra kilos, we should be your first choice. We have a pretty new facility in Liverpool that is equipped with all latest fitness equipments that are sure to wow you. Our equipments are in a very good condition and are designed as per latest technology to provide you ultimate comfort while you use them to shape yourself up.

We provide the best alternative to traditional workout

Bored of attending gyms Liverpool who follow the conventional workout approach? Even we do. Why should exercising be boring? Why should you run on treadmills for hours without enjoying it even for a minute? The Pride Gym Liverpool believes workout should be a fun activity and not a compulsory routine. We have the best possible alternative to those boring exercises. With an array of high intensity workouts such as kickboxing, boxing, Mixed Martial Arts, etc. we can help you achieve all your goals successfully. You would love to sweat out here as you would be learning a lot of self-defense tricks apart from losing the extra kilos.

We have a motivating atmosphere

If you are self motivated, we the Pride Gym Liverpool would be the best place to work your way out towards a healthy life. But if you are someone who is not very confident or have high expectations, talk to us. Our trainers are very friendly people who would help you set your expectations right. They will constantly inform you about your progress. Whether you want to lose weight or want to gain strength, they will keep you informed so that you feel motivated. Losing weight isn’t going to be easy but when you see a positive progress, you will feel happy and would look forward to attending our training sessions.

We have highly experienced trainers in our team

Although we are pretty new as compared to many other gyms Liverpool, we have been able to build a strong reputation for ourselves; all thanks to our wonderful trainers. They are all highly skilled, trained, and certified professionals who are experts in what they do. Our instructors are our biggest strength. They can train almost anyone on this world, be it a complete beginner or an expert. They are comfortable in dealing with both males and females. They are very friendly people and will make you feel comfortable here in our gym. Our instructors always follow a customized approach for each of our member in order to ensure that you achieve your fitness goal even if you are joining our group sessions.

Our bootcamps are very refreshing

Join our bootcamps and enjoy working out in fresh air outdoors. Contact us for more details about our bootcamp schedule. Our bootcamps are for 1 hour duration and have a lot of high intensity exercises that will refresh you, shape you up, and pump up more energy in you.

To know more about our pricing and schedule, get in touch with us at (02) 9632-9393.