Gym Merrylands


Have you ever wondered how you could be a mixed martial arts fighter? Or simply be a healthy individual? Stop asking and start looking! Here at Pride Gym Merrylands we assure you that you wouldn’t just be healthy but you’ll also be competitive as well. Why competitive? Because here at the Pride Gym we make sure that we train you on your mixed martial arts skill competitively without holding back.

Our trainers would make sure that you are properly trained with both of the gym equipment and also the mixed martial arts equipment as well.

Our Trainers are professional gym trainers or mixed martial artists so you don’t need to worry about the credibility of our staff. We always welcome you with a smile but do not forget that we are also here to help you attain the goal that you would want no matter what it is, whether you’re joining the gym to gain some mixed martial arts experience or simply just want to be fit and look good.

When you join our gym not only you can brag about having being able to go to the gym but you’ll also be able to brag that you also do mixed martial arts. That’s the truth on gym goers these days, yes most of your co-workers go to the gym but do they know how to use those strengths that they have acquired in real life situations?

When you join Pride Gym Merrylands you would be able to find ways to use your new found strength thanks to our mixed martial arts/self defence programs specially tailored on what you need and also your level of experience.

Expect results not only physically but mentally as well because we will train you as hard as we can. So what are you waiting for? Contact us today on (02) 9632-9393 or 0404-304-089.

Visit us anytime you want and we would be glad to help answer any queries you have in regards to mixed martial arts or in general fitness, we hope to see you soon at Pride Gym Merrylands.