Gym Parramatta

The Pride Gym prides itself in offering world class fitness training to men and women of all ages. We provide a safe and friendly atmosphere for you so that you would love to get into shape. Our fitness training will help you learn the art of self defense and lose weight at the same time. We guarantee you that within a few weeks you would see an improvement in self confidence and wouldn’t feel insecure any more.

We are a fully-equipped gym Parramatta that provides fitness training to people of all levels; be it a naive or an experienced person. Everyone is welcome here; we are always in a lookout for people who love to stay fit and stay safe. Whether you want to lose weight, beat your stress, stay fit, or want to learn self defense; we are the best gym Parramatta that can help you meet all your fitness goals. Although we are new here, we have been able to create a positive reputation for ourselves and have got lots of customers through word of mouth publicity. This clearly states why we should be your first choice.

Our gym Parramatta is completely dedicated to people who are committed to achieve tangible fitness goals. We work hard to make you a better person health wise, thereby making you feel better about yourself. You may choose our personal training or may join our group trainings but be assured that you will always get individual attention and customized training to suit your needs. You will be able to see change in yourself within a few weeks. Our sessions are tough but are fun-filled and therefore, you will look forward for attending them.

The best part about our gym Parramatta is that we are able to motivate even the least motivated persons. Our group workouts sessions, bootcamps, regular assessments, and fun-filled, friendly atmosphere are sufficient enough to motivate you so that you don’t give up. Our training is very effective. Why not try our free training session? It is completely obligation free and will help you make a better and safe decision.

The highly skilled and experienced trainers in our gym Parramatta take up an integrated approach to help you achieve your goals. Our kickboxing, boxing, and mixed martial arts training are sure to help you build your strength and increase your tolerance. They are all high intensity workouts that involve your whole body and therefore, will give you a balanced weight loss results much faster than the conventional gym. Our trainers are highly experienced in dealing with a wide variety of fitness requirements and can offer your personalized training so that you get what you exactly want.

Read our price list for more details on our prices and training schedule. Our timings are comfortably planned so that you can easily accommodate it in your busy schedule. We provide a safe and friendly atmosphere so that even females feel comfortable here. If however, you want to join a gym Parramatta that offers exclusive fitness classes for females, get in touch with us to find out about our female only training schedule. For assistance and queries, call us at (02) 9632-9393.